Rape Prevention

by Krav Maga Experts

Rape Prevention

The only rape prevention course in NYC!

This workshop series will focus on self-defense situations at different settings, (home, street or college campuses.) The workshops focus on developing the right mindset, confident body language, verbal self-defense skills and physical preparedness to maintain one’s personal safety.

We take you step by step through a variety of real-life scenarios pulled straight from the headlines and teach you how to defend yourself against the most extreme and violent event.

This learning experience is a MUST using practical self-protection strategies in an easy and cooperative learning environment. The workshops are taught by female and male instructors featured this season on “Good Morning America” and the “Daily news.” Each workshop takes a different scenarios and techniques as the Krav Maga Experts instructors teach you Krav Maga self-defense techniques that will help you be your defense.

New special 4-part Krav Maga Experts Rape Prevention Workshop series!

We are taking an in depth look at news stories of violence against women and address how you can change the situation. Even if you’ve taken our workshop series before, this round will take you to a new level of training, and to some new locations! This series is open to women ages 14 and up, even if they’ve never taken a Krav Maga class before!

The First Defense – 11/6/2016

Countless news stories of assault begin with the attacker pulling a woman into a secluded area, or grabbing a woman by her wrist and refusing to let go. Learn how to prevent and defend the unwanted aggression.

Jogger’s Safety – 11/20/2016

In this outdoor (weather pending) workshop, you get to take your training to the next level and learn how to defend yourself against a variety of real-life attacks that might occur while you’re out on a run, walking around town, or coming home from a night out.

Night Out – 12/4/2016

We are heading out for a night on the town! Learn to use your surroundings, weaponize common objects and handle unwanted sexual attention in a real bar! Please note, this workshop takes place at Berry Park in Williamsburg.

Home Invasion – 12/18/2016

The safest place is home. Until it’s not. We will be focusing on rape and sexual assault in the home, apartment or dorm. We believe that it is necessary to learn how to focus and fight through the worst case scenario, and we invite you to learn with us!