by Krav Maga Experts


Krav Maga Experts intensive security training for personal or location security.

Krav Maga Experts offers an intensive security training to corporate firms, company security units and others who wish to gain high skills in personal or location security. With vast combat and security experience, our instructors bring a comprehensive training programs using their real-life experience in one of the most challenging arenas around the world. The Krav Maga Experts courses combine the use of Krav Maga developed in Israel during the last three decades with hands on experience of our Krav Maga Experts instructors.

The course is designed to provide theoretical, practical and operational skills required to maintain high level of security. The Krav Maga Experts Security courses includes number of main subjects such as:

• Hand-to-Hand Combat (Krav Maga) Principles of attack and defense, weak points, hand and leg attacks, counter techniques against unarmed attacks, counter techniques against armed attacks with various weapons; knife, stick, axe, counter techniques against weapons threats, counter techniques against chocks and grips, suspect searching techniques, disarming weapons and neutralization techniques, realistic scenarios and under-stress drills.
• Lectures Introduction to Facility security, personnel security, principles of security, operational security planning, threats identification, security sweeps and more.
• Tactical Drills Reality based tactical drills which include a large number of scenarios that will test the knowledge earned during training while combining all combat components, each participant is graded and given a certificate only if one passes the drills.